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Temexe X is compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum and most of the ERC20 tokens.


Support more than

500 cryptocurrencies

Military Grade Encryption

Temexe secures the private key with AES-256 symmetric encryption and sends it over Bluetooth to your phone. Hacking the Bluetooth or the phone is in vain because hackers can only get encrypted data.


256-Bit Hardware Encryption

Encrypted chip

Temexe X uses a unique encrypted security chip to provide another level of security to your private key. Even when your Temexe X is taken by a hacker, what they can get is some encrypted data, your private key is still safe. All you have to do is to buy a new hardware wallet as soon as possible to restore a backup.


PIN Code Protection

Every time you pair Temexe X with your mobile phone, a PIN is required. This prevents others from using your Temexe X hardware wallet to pair any other mobile phones without your permission. 

Temexe X contains no components that are used to connect to the internet such as a SIM card or a WIFI chip. Without the access to the internet, Temexe X is completely offline so that there is no possibility for the private key stored in it to get hacked.


Completely Offline


No Fear of Losing or Theft

Once your Temexe X got lost or stolen, you can restore a backup with the recovery phrase on a new hardware wallet of any brand. The recovery phrase backup algorithm is open-source and it is adopted by all the other hardware wallet brands. Anyone who knows your recovery phrases can create a backup of your hardware wallet. Therefore, do not make a backup of your recovery phrase on any device that can be connected to the internet, even in a photo. It is advised to write them down on a sheet of paper and keep it in a safe place. Do not disclose your recovery seeds to anyone. 

Manage Your Digital Asset Anytime and Anywhere

The App "  ourToken" is available for IOS and android. Extremely easy to send or receive cryptocurrencies.

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Large-capacity Battery Offers Use Times of up to 15 days

Temexe is equipped with a 80mAh high-density lithium-ion smart battery that runs for up to 15 days of using.

It can be charged through a micro usb cable, which is also come with the box, from PC, laptop and any phone power adapter.

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